The Story

‘Christopher Robin’ was one of the many WWII code names of Christopher Creighton, whose real name is John Ainsworth-Davis.
From the age of 15, he worked directly under Winston Churchill, Ian Fleming, Lord Louis Mountbatten and Desmond Morton – whom he called ‘uncle’. In 1996, he published OPJB – The Last Great Secret of the Second World War where he and Ian Fleming
rescued Martin Bormann out of Berlin – Hitler’s financial secretary – on 1 May 1945.

This, the last Mountbatten Report, was written between 1976 and 2006, taking longer due to the theft and sabotage of reference material amounting to tampered evidence, by what is today our ‘Counter-Intelligence’. Their role is to keep us ignorant longer . . . and to fail doing so.

Chris borders on a psychic detective-warrior-spy and has proved himself highly intuitive when it comes to protecting himself and his own. When this manuscript was seconded anonymously and without attachments, it was stored in a bank vault in Buenos Aires for four years and then published very rapidly. The publishers agree that both Hitler and Bormann got out of Berlin, with the
assistance of Chris Creighton, Ian Fleming, Winston Churchill and King George VI. They remain divided as to whether Hitler went to Spain, or to Spain then Argentina.

This book relates firsthand the UKUSA missions to sabotage Pearl Harbor, Dieppe, Donegal and for the first time, solves a series of assassinations done by Christopher Robin on the orders of Winston Churchill, Desmond Morton, Lord Louis Mountbatten, Ian Fleming & KGVI.

Chris is a great lover of music, women and life. He is both the anti-hero and the hero. He is the villain to those who don’t understand enough, and the hero to those who wish they could. Without question this book is written from firsthand experience
of the pain, nuance and treachery of war.


John Ainsworth-Davis, post-2003, pre-2008:
“As I had been involved in many things, my records have never been released, indeed every effort was made to wipe them from the face of the earth – shredding, burning, sometimes skilfully changing the original typescripts or replacing them with forged files that tell a different story . . . photographs were obliterated and the negatives hunted down to oblivion.”

Sabotaged Picture of John Ainsworth-Davis in Sailor uniform
As Example of that: John Ainsworth-Davis in Navy uniform, heavily doctored by British Counter-Intelligence. Note the appearance of three arms; collar repeating on the jacket; a painted right arm and shoulder, malformed wallpaper, and dust on the photograph − making it a photograph of the doctored photograph − a real Friday night job . . .
the pubs opened at 11.








Unsabotaged Picture of John Ainsworth-Davis in Sailor uniform
John Ainsworth-Davis in Navy uniform − un-doctored by Colonial-Counter-Counter-Intelligence. Note the appearance of two arms; unrepeating jacket collars; well-formed wallpaper, and no dust on the photograph − bringing it back to its original appearance − undoctored . . . courtesy of C3I.